Human Rights

Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela were all relevant people in the 20th century. They were all fighting important battles in their local area, but also globally. All three of them had a policy about non-violence. They wanted to change the society without using violence, since they though violence is only dragging the society down.
The people Gandhi, King and Mandela represented had long been suppressed and did not have any human rights. They wanted to change this and the people were sick and tired of being suppressed and humiliated and wanted to change that. Gandhi, King and Mandela worked as role models and lead the battle against the government.

Some people hate another group of people because of political, religious or cultural reasons. And this hate can sometimes be so strong that they are willing to hurt people belonging to the opposing group. Humans also hurt people if they are pressured or threatened. And after someone have done injustice, revenge is also a reason someone use.

Non-violent actions usually takes a longer time than militant. With non-violence you want to convince the others to join your cause from free will, but with militant, you force a decision on them. And militant actions caused more death and despair than non-violent.
Reasons for Militant actions:
– Quick and efficient.
– Gets rid of the opposing group completely
– Defending yourself
– If you use violence, you will have more attention
Reasons for non-violent actions:
– Protects people from harm
– Rewarding
– convince instead of force


I found the film MacBeth hard to follow. The language was old fashioned and not very understandable for a foreign speaker like me. There was also a lot of names and very hard to link people together, I found myself asking “who died noW?”, “who is that?”, more than one time. After a while I gave up and decided to pay attention to other details. I liked the music. It fit into the atmosphere and the composer did a good job in composing romantic music for the film. Another complaint I have, is how they all looked the same. Everyone had the same haircut and beard. It got frustrating and it made it even harder to follow. In my opinion, Macbeth is a bad movie, because of the amount of names, and the fact that everybody looked alike.

School Blog

My name is Henrik Mørk. I am a student at Sandvika vgs. in Norway. I like a lot of different things like sports, movies and food. I care most about handball. I really want to get far, not on a professional level because I understand that I don`t have the skills for professional handball. But I always strive to do my best for the team.


Something else I am very interested in is movies. I tend to use a lot of my spare time watching series and movies. My favorites are Game of thrones, American Horror Story and Chappie.


Dear the American people.


You have made a grave mistake in the presidential election. Instead of electing an experienced and qualified candidate you have elected a sexist and demeaning candidate. Donald Trump does not have the political experience as Hillary Clinton has. But enough about that. In the future presidential elections, you should think more about who is qualified as a politician instead of the person that comes out as “strong”. I will give my congratulations to Trump for winning the election and for running a great campaign with a lot of Television coverage. He made himself visible to the American people and the rest of the world. At the same time, I am disappointed that the American people could not see through his lies and false stories. He is not qualified to run a country with as much influence as America has.


Even though I do not think Donald Trump will be a very good president, I think that he can accomplish some things. He is a dedicated man and he knows what he wants. I would advise all parents to talk to their children and tell them how Trump is a bad role model. Tell them it is not okay to say the things he has said to girls, Muslims and Hispanics. Even if Trump is the president of the United States it is important to keep moving in the right direction with racism and sexism. The United States and the world have made huge steps for a more equal and better society for everyone. I intensely hope this change will not reverse the rights for same-sex couples to marry. The people have more power than the president, so if you feel upset about something, express it. It is important to express your opinion on what is wrong and what is right. Therefore I urge you to get out there and make your voice heard!